Our experience is that foreigners are primarily interested in issues relating to property and they often have questions about real estate law, contracts and registering their property.

If you are intending to buy or sell a property or you already own one, we can advise and support you through the whole process and provide all information you might need. We are specialized on precisely these matters.

  • Negotiation, setting up and revision of private purchase agreements and private contracts for options to buy. Negotiations with Real Estate Agencies and the other party. Correct signing procedures if one or both parties are abroad.
  • Setting up of public deeds keeping in mind your personal situation, fiscal aspects, future inheritance.
  • Granting of Powers of Attorney and ratifications in Notary Offices, Foreign Embassies and Consulates in your home country.
  • Information about planning permission, official Building plans and urbanistic procedures.
  • Dissolution of Condominiums and joint ownership of property, Execution of court rulings and agreements in divorce procedures.
  • Correction and removal of discrepancies between property descriptions at the Land Registry, Cadastre and the reality. Declarations of title to property and boundaries.
  • Building declarations, horizontal divisions, and legalization of building extensions.
  • Fiscal aspects of ownership and transfer of real estate property. Transfer Tax, Stamp duty, Inheritance Tax, rates, Capital Gains Tax, Plusvalue Tax (I.I.V.T.N.U. or “Plusvalía”). Income Tax for Non Residents (I.R.N.R.), Tax retentions.
  • Consultations and Negotations about Loans and mortgages with spanish Banks and between private parties.
  • Organisation of sworn translations, verbal and in writing, legalizations and “Apostille” stamps.
  • Civil actions and litigation in defense of property ownership and possession.