Our firm provides you with the legal services and advice you need, in your mother tongue. Not only Alice Baumann, but all staff operate directly in three languages:  English, Spanish and German, therefore avoiding the use of interpreters, complicated translations and possible misunderstandings. Together we find solutions suited for your real needs. We provide you with the fundamental information to ease your decision-making.

Together we consider all factors involved: legal, time, financial and also the human factor. Language barriers can lead to assumptions and can result in erroneous legal advice.  Our chief goal is to solve legal and language problems experienced by our clients as they are confronted with the Spanish legal system.  It is without a doubt daunting to decipher legal issues when one is unfamiliar with the language as well as the workings of a legal system.

Communicating in your own language with your Lanzarote lawyers is essential for any client looking for optimal legal advice. We therefore give major importance to the flow of information between the client and the lawyer and value the ability to do so in the client’s mother tongue. As our clients are often abroad, communicating via telephone and email has also proved effective.

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