In general legal fees for Spanish lawyers are calculated according to the Spanish Professional Honorary System: on Lanzarote they are based upon the rates suggested by the Professional Association for Lawyers of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands Council for Lawyers Associations. Please ask us! Cost-transparency is of major importance to us. Although quality has a value, good legal advice should be reasonable in price. If you wish we can offer a pre-calculation of costs. This listing normally includes all costs, even the minor ones, related to your case. In general the lawyer’s fees are calculated partially according to the object value but also in regard of the actions to be undertaken in each specific case.
E.g. For a property purchase with a purchase price of 200,000€ euros and a private contract (deposit, option to buy, private purchase agreement etc.) prior to the granting of the public title deed of purchase at completion, all costs involved, including all fees, costs of registration, expenses, taxes, and lawyer’s fees, and according to experience in similar cases, arise to approximately 8% -10% of the purchase price.

E.g. In the case of the acceptance of an inheritance in Lanzarote the fixing of the object value is a major point and one of the first steps to be undertaken. There are many aspects which have to be taken into account that have fiscal consequences (Inheritance Tax), e.g. if the heirs have intention of selling the inherited property in the near future (Capital Gains Tax).

To achieve a balanced cost-benefit analysis we prefer to discuss your specific case with you directly.

We offer a first professional consultation for a fee of 90.00€ plus 7% IGIC. If you decide to appoint us to assist you professionally, this first consultation and all following communications are obviously included in the overall lawyer’s fees. Please contact us and describe your case. If you can send us any related documents and a short resume we can prepare ourselves for your appointment.